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WeddingPhtographer NYC is a company dedicated to professional photography especially for Weddings, although we also cover any type of social, family, political event. etc.is operated by Artview Studios as a parent company, which has a large family of specialists in the art of photography, because photography is undoubtedly an art and if It is in the hands of experts because a lot more. A good photographer is the one who goes unnoticed and captures those most intimate moments, looks of complicity, emotions and is going to make sure that all these important moments remain captured in the photographs that you have as a souvenir of your wedding day.

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Wedding Photographers

Professional photographers who will give you the best memory of your wedding day.

Themed Weddings

We have a wide variety of themes at your disposal so that your wedding is different from the others.

Same-sex Wedding

We do pre-wedding photographs, photo reports, photo shoot in our studios and much.

Wedding Anniversary

We will make you relive the happiest moments in your life as a couple with the capture of the best photographs.

Baby Shower

We have the best packages and promotions to celebrate the advent of your baby.


In addition to photographs, we filmed different events in New York City and in the rest of the country.


Wedding Engagement in New York

Wedding Engagement in New York
Wedding Engagement in New York

It is called in this way to the event that basically consists of the request that the bridegroom makes to the bride to be husbands. If she accepts, he will give her a ring that according to tradition should be made of a single stone, if possible a diamond.

They say that the engagement ring is the perfect symbol to express that two souls have decided to unite their lives driven by love.

To carry out the commitment, there are different modalities. Many times it is customary for the parents of the bride to provide a meal or dinner to receive the parents of the groom who will ask for the hand of their daughter. The parents of both talk; they agree on the celebration of the wedding and set the date for its completion.

Another version may be that in a totally romantic and intimate dinner the bridegroom asks the bride to be his wife, gives him the ring that symbolizes the commitment they acquire from that moment. The bride and groom agree to organize a later meeting with the families of both to extend the decision they have made.

In any of the ways you decide to formalize with your partner, Wedding Photographer NYC will support you with what we know how to do, capture through our lens the most special images so that you never forget that first step that will transform your life leading to the definitive yes at the altar

Here are some of our tips given when hiring our services:

Decoration of the exterior. We can make the most of Spring by decorating the space we have with different seasonal flowers. Create beautiful centers, strategically place rose petals or make presentations with dried flowers.

The lighting. This plays a double function, on the one hand, decorative and, on the other hand, to offer enough light to the outside once the Sun has set.

Decoration of the tables. One of the great advantages of the engagement parties is that not many guests attend as in a wedding, therefore, there are many less tables to decorate. place different photographs of the couple on each table and a letter written by the couple thanking the guests for their assistance simply an extraordinary idea that we assure you will impress. Giving a decorative touch we can place centerpieces made with candles and flowers.

Many more ideas we have for you since our imagination has no limits, you just have to contact us and you will know more about our work.

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Photography: The toast of the couple in New York

Photography: The toast of the couple in New York
Photography: The toast of the couple in New York 

Every day it is less common to see the speeches during the toast at a wedding. However, even if they do not know, this is one of the most important moments of the day. And because?

One in two guests says it's the most memorable and exciting time of the day
One in two guests has heard such a bad speech that it has ruined the moment.
Nine out of ten guests affirm that the speech is the central theme to talk after the wedding.

Well, without a doubt, the toast is one of the most special, and unforgettable moments during a wedding. This is where parents, friends and people close to the newly married couple have to opportunity to express their affection, their good wishes and even some funny anecdote about the happy couple, either at some point in their relationship or even before they have met. So that the moment of the toast at your wedding is memmorable, you count on the Wedding Photographer NYC team, who will, capture that exciting and nostalgic moment with the best quality.

Moment of the toast

The most common is that the toast is made once the banquet is over, but before cutting the cake. It will be at that time when the groom, the parents of the couple, or a sponsor or close friend will take the floor and raise their glass to ask for the couple. Perfect moment for a great photograph or a filming of those moving words that will remain forever in the memory.

It is common that during the toast jokes or jokes are made about some anecdote of the couple, but care should be taken not to fall into the vulgar, as it may cause discomfort in the couple or in the guests and would be recorded in the filming that let's perform Avoid rudeness, mention previous relationships or misplaced comments and especially be past drinks at the time of saying the toast.

Toast for formal weddings

If your wedding will be formal, then you must respect certain protocols, and the speech is not exempt from them. So if you have a wedding with these characteristics, it is customary for the wedding sponsor to make a toast for the bride, the bridesmaid must make another toast for the groom, the father of the bride will provide for the couple and to end will be the boyfriends who will toast for their parents and for all their guests.

We are happy to cover a scene as moving and romantic as is the toast of the couple, so in addition to delivering the most special and unique capture at that time with high quality images. We also give you advice to put together the best speech. We will give you tips so that you do not make any mistakes and everything goes perfect. Just contact us hire our services and you will be happy forever.

Article created based on: Azura Peña(2015), Mandi Corrales (2017).



It is a religious ceremony administered to the believers for the purification of sins, obtaining the salvation of the soul, the conversion to adoptive children of God and the integration of the person to the Christian world using water as the main element. In several Religions it is taken as a "Sacrament", among them the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican among others.

It is applied by a person called "Minister"  to children or adults, depending on the religion to which they belong because not all agree due to a reform proposed by Martin Luther towards the true way of living Christianity that for him at that time it was not happening within Catholicism.

Although this maintains the baptism of children, with the reform emerged a diversity of religions and theories that express that the original baptism should be administered only to adults because it is an act of faith and commitment and therefore a baby has no power to express them.

The fact is that it is administered to large and small people in order to obtain salvation. 


also depends on the type of religion to which it belongs for example Protestant churches practice the primitive form according to the bible in which a person is completely immersed in the water normally in rivers or in the sea, this is known as Baptism by Immersion.

One that is currently administered by both the Catholic Church and other churches, is where the baptized person applies water on his head without the need for complete immersion. This is known as Baptism by Ablution

Finally, it can be seen that when the baptized person applies small drops of water to his head, this case is given to people who, for various reasons, can not be baptized by ablution, so it is applied in this way, which is known as Baptism by Aspersion.

It is usually applied by Bishops, Priests, Ministers, Deacons, Pastors and according to special cases within Catholicism can be applied by any person following the fundamental and objective protocols for which it was instituted.

During the rite besides the water, the one who administers the baptism recites words invoking the Trinity or only the name of Jesus depending on the religion that is professed.

In general accounts baptism is an important act that welcomes to Christianity every person to whom it is administered, regardless of the religion that is professed. It is very rewarding for those who participate in the act because as we refer to texts back the person becomes a true Son of God and worthy to carry in memory for the rest of their lives.

For this, nothing better than a good photograph capable of telling sincerely, frankly, without forced poses the exact moment in which the God through his great Spirit is received by the person; and this work is created in a simple and effective way by the Wedding Photographer New York team since we have a wide experience in professional photography of any event such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Shower, and Baptism could not miss in our projects.

If it is your baby who is going to receive the Sacrament, do not worry we will be there to do what we love the most and that we certainly carry in our veins, portray special moments.

Be before the ceremony during the pre-church phase where we will work on the most tender facets of the baby, in the central act in which the most important scenes of the rite will be recorded with the people who will influence their Christian life as they are. parents and godparents and later in a possible celebration if it is required where we will collect the most exciting and fun moments.  

We also offer our special photo sessions in our studios, or outdoor where your baby will be appreciated as a TV artist. We have the best prices accessible to all public, do not wait for you to tell us contact us and you will want to adopt us for all your events !!!

What to do with the photographs of your marriage?

What to do with the photographs of your marriage?
What to do with the photographs of your marriage?

The day of your marriage, it happened and its was better than you thought, after waiting, so long, the photos of the Wedding Photographer NYC, photoshoot and the ceremony have finally arrived and your hands if you wonder what to do with tem, in this post, we will, give you the best ideas Pay attention!.

Decorate your room with your wedding photos!

Keeping your home in good condition is not just keeping it clean, I know many huge houses that really feel empty. The ideal is to give warmth to the home, feel that when you enter, do not enter a house, if not the family nest. To achieve this goal, the photos are very important because they reflect a special moment of life. What better than the photos of the marriage? Although it is valid to save the photos in an album, it is best to show it to the guests.

When taking photographs prior to your marriage in our studios, we grant you if you want large photos so that you can hang them in a large box for example in the dining room, this is undoubtedly an excellent idea.

You can build a collage on your wall, it is advisable to buy some vinyl or adhesive designs, which are currently sold in any establishment and also in online stores. We can help you put together phrases and a very nice family atmosphere, having as main attraction the marriage photos.

Mini album of all

There are many details now, where you can keep your photos in an original way. That of keeping the photo album in the attic and taking it out to show the photos to your grandchildren, when they are already deteriorated. It is no longer necessary! Now you have many more alternatives.

These beautiful photo albums are used as a keychain, it is an excellent idea to give to your husband. Imagine the small album full of photos of your marriage, is more you could decorate yourself, with the date of their anniversary and their names intertwined. Although we can also do it for you.

It is a good idea to decorate the album with nice phrases, so that each time you discuss, whenever you are in a stressful situation or whenever you feel that you miss, be able to feel all your love.

Other type of details with photos

In our studios you have many products at your disposal where you can capture the best photographs of your marriage.

If you want to know more spectacular ideas to give a true meaning to your wedding photographs contact us and receive our offers.

Article created based on:  Sury (2013).

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party

During a dating relationship can say that there are some freedoms by the couple that married life can no longer perform or at least should not do so because their lives changed completely and now his focus would be new family that is forming.

After the commitment, or the decision by both to link their lives forever, the countdown begins to say goodbye to what is now you rlife bachelor. Although happiness overflows there is always nostalgia because from that date they will no longer be the same as they are so far and for that reason they will try to make the most of them.

One of those activities that are customary for both the bride and the groom is what is known as the Bachelor Party; that is not more than a party organized by the friends (as) of the groom (a) individually is to say the friends organize the boyfriend and friends do the same with the girlfriend, although there are already mixed bachelor parties.

Basically it consists of a celebration in the residence of the groom (a) or in a place for the occasion where music, drinks, meals, spicy gifts by the attendees and jocular games with the firm purpose of enjoying, having a good time and giving honor his name a good farewell to his current life of single.

Another activity that usually takes place in bachelor parties in both men and women is the hiring of a strep-tease, who will be responsible (to) deponer spicy celebration with the games and dances that prepare for the occasion.

It is also customary to disguise what carnival looks like but with phrases that could identify them indicating that someone is about to deliver singleness, or some other sarcastic phrase that makes more than one laugh. These celebrations are usually sponsored by friends who will take care of the organization completely.

Many will wonder the origin of this activity, who invented it? To the surprise of many was created in ancient times to be more accurate during the V century BC where Spartan soldiers organized a kind of celebration to a partner soon to be married during which they took a woman who tried to seduce him and thus measured the fidelity of the same.

At present there are numerous companies that are responsible for carrying out this type of event, from the location, the logistics and all the protocol developed to carry it out. In the same way, they will be committed to making the most of the attendees and that this day will be recorded in their memories forever through the best memory that can exist. Photographs and Video.

One of them is Wedding Photographer New York, which will immortalize the day you'll be single to become a Mr. or Mrs. and we're sure that you'll want to relive it after some time while watching our fascinating photographs and video of the most entertaining nostalgic scenes of the night. We will help you with the organization and provide the necessary advice so that everything goes better than planned.

You can also count on our services for Weddings, Baptisms, Anniversaries, and any event that requires transcending generations. Contact us and live an unforgettable experience.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

the 7th month of pregnancy, the belly is noticeably large, the sex of the baby is known and parents and close relatives are already anxious for the first or new member of the family to arrive as the case may be. Questions like who will it look like? What character will inherit?, are friendly disputes that are raised by parents.

Within the framework of the eve of the birth, in addition to the present uncertainty, a period of preparations for the arrival of the little person who will fill the home with joy very soon begins. 

All that joy is usually embodied in a small celebration organized by a close friend or relative to celebrate the birth of the new descendant of the family with what is known as Baby Shower. This celebration is original from the United States but over time it has spread through the different countries of the world with some variations and traditions according to their cultures.

Although in the United States it is an alternative to celebrate it after the birth of the baby for others it is a custom and it is the only celebration that takes place, not before birth, generally in Europe.

If we look at the word, although its origins are Anglo-Saxon, we can notice that it uses the word shower, which many have wondered what it has to do with the act. This word has many meanings, one of which is to present or bathe, which then we can interpret that the pregnant woman is presented or bathed in gifts.

Originally this celebration was practiced in family form only with women, with the firm intention that mothers present shared their experiences and knowledge about what it was like to be a mother. Later, with the passing of time, it was adopted a more commercial character where the celebration, the gifts and activities of a celebration influence.

This celebration takes place in the house of the future mother, or the future grandmother, or in other cases in a place set aside for that purpose where they can comfortably enjoy the guests that will not exceed the age of 20.
Visibly there will be a decoration related to themes children made with paper or cardboard and that undoubtedly brings a beautiful atmosphere. There the assistants will be able to taste of delicateses like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sweet among others depending on the country or region since normally it is realized in hours of the afternoon although it is not something obligatory.

It is also custom, perform gymkhana and games where laughter and fun take over the moment between them we can recommend How much the baby measures; which consists of trying to guess the most accurate measurement of the belly with a tape that is provided to the participants, and they must cut to the size they think they measure, the one that most closely approximates the measure will be the winner.

Something important besides the cake, are some items distributed by the future mother or the organizers of the event as a reminder of that special day. Undoubtedly, it emphasizes the day in which beautiful and funny moments were lived.

However, the best memory that can be left in this and other celebrations are the photographs, because a good image with just looking at it expresses all the emotions and gestures expressed during the capture that will undoubtedly transport the viewer to those moments.

For this purpose you have Wedding Photographer New York, leaders in photography and professional video who will be responsible for portraying the best moments of the waiting room for the baby's welcome. We will give you advice with great pleasure so that you have an excellent celebration and expose your family and friends the joy that motherhood means.

Our team guarantees images of quality and full color, that speak for themselves and that register beautiful facets of your life besides this one, among them: Weddings, Baptisms, Anniversaries, Bachelor parties and many more events that you can know browsing on our site or contacting us through the different available means we have for you to choose the most pleasant telephone line, social networks and contact form look no further and live the best experience !!!

Vintage Weddings

Vintage Wedding
Vintage Wedding

When we refer to a wedding that transports guests to beautiful times of the past through the different decorative objects, setting and music, without neglecting modern details, we are defining what are called Vintage Weddings.

In other words, it is a type of celebration inspired by any era of the past, organized by those future lovers who have been fond of past decades or simply wish to have a unique and different style on the day they link their lives before the law of God and of the mens.

It is undoubtedly an experience different from the others because elegance, good taste and exclusivity are present captivating both the guests and the protagonists themselves, of course it is organized with the help of specialists in the realization of this type of celebrities . 

It is usually celebrated in rural places that generate in the public an environment of peace, tranquility and relaxation to enjoy the bridal act to the maximum.  

True antique objects are used as part of the decoration in a vintage wedding  because if you use non-original elements, you would be celebrating another type of wedding very similar and often confused a bit, we refer to retro weddings.

If you still do not know what decorative elements to use at your wedding, relax, read carefully and point out that Wedding Photographer New York, is here to guide you:

One of the essential elements that you should not miss in your celebration are the suitcases old, either from your parents, grandparents and if your great-grandparents are still preserved, preferably in light tones or pastels.

Tables and chairs Woodenwooden or portraits, with photographs of your ancestors are excellent options since wood largely symbolizes colonial times.

Something that will certainly impress the guests is the decoration of the banquet table, it must have elements such as glasses, jugs, dishes and old cutlery that you can buy from your family ancestors or in an antique house, placing a tablecloth that combines perfectly with the rest of the decoration to emulate a real old table.

Remember that the first communication that was established was through paper, which is why it is interesting as part of the decoration old books that represent real literary gems and that undoubtedly evoke past eras. 

Our creativity knows no limits that is why another idea would be to make a kind of photo shoot with captures that emulate old scenes in the best style of movies whose setting was of remote times either for invitations, or as a memory that immortalized the event, because At the end of the whole, photography is the one that will revive this important day.

With respect to music, we can suggest a live group that delights you with the best classics that became icons in the time that is being recreated.

We have excellent ideas because our creativity knows no limits, we are experts in photographs and videography of the best quality with a long experience in the branch to cover the different needs of the clients either for this type of celebration, without neglecting Baptisms, Anniversaries , Fifteen Years, Bachelor Parties and many more.

Learn about our different services offered on our site, or by contacting us through our telephone line, social networks, contact form and online chat, so you decide how to establish contact and receive the best quote.

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