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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party

During a dating relationship can say that there are some freedoms by the couple that married life can no longer perform or at least should not do so because their lives changed completely and now his focus would be new family that is forming.

After the commitment, or the decision by both to link their lives forever, the countdown begins to say goodbye to what is now you rlife bachelor. Although happiness overflows there is always nostalgia because from that date they will no longer be the same as they are so far and for that reason they will try to make the most of them.

One of those activities that are customary for both the bride and the groom is what is known as the Bachelor Party; that is not more than a party organized by the friends (as) of the groom (a) individually is to say the friends organize the boyfriend and friends do the same with the girlfriend, although there are already mixed bachelor parties.

Basically it consists of a celebration in the residence of the groom (a) or in a place for the occasion where music, drinks, meals, spicy gifts by the attendees and jocular games with the firm purpose of enjoying, having a good time and giving honor his name a good farewell to his current life of single.

Another activity that usually takes place in bachelor parties in both men and women is the hiring of a strep-tease, who will be responsible (to) deponer spicy celebration with the games and dances that prepare for the occasion.

It is also customary to disguise what carnival looks like but with phrases that could identify them indicating that someone is about to deliver singleness, or some other sarcastic phrase that makes more than one laugh. These celebrations are usually sponsored by friends who will take care of the organization completely.

Many will wonder the origin of this activity, who invented it? To the surprise of many was created in ancient times to be more accurate during the V century BC where Spartan soldiers organized a kind of celebration to a partner soon to be married during which they took a woman who tried to seduce him and thus measured the fidelity of the same.

At present there are numerous companies that are responsible for carrying out this type of event, from the location, the logistics and all the protocol developed to carry it out. In the same way, they will be committed to making the most of the attendees and that this day will be recorded in their memories forever through the best memory that can exist. Photographs and Video.

One of them is Wedding Photographer New York, which will immortalize the day you'll be single to become a Mr. or Mrs. and we're sure that you'll want to relive it after some time while watching our fascinating photographs and video of the most entertaining nostalgic scenes of the night. We will help you with the organization and provide the necessary advice so that everything goes better than planned.

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