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Vintage Weddings

Vintage Wedding
Vintage Wedding

When we refer to a wedding that transports guests to beautiful times of the past through the different decorative objects, setting and music, without neglecting modern details, we are defining what are called Vintage Weddings.

In other words, it is a type of celebration inspired by any era of the past, organized by those future lovers who have been fond of past decades or simply wish to have a unique and different style on the day they link their lives before the law of God and of the mens.

It is undoubtedly an experience different from the others because elegance, good taste and exclusivity are present captivating both the guests and the protagonists themselves, of course it is organized with the help of specialists in the realization of this type of celebrities . 

It is usually celebrated in rural places that generate in the public an environment of peace, tranquility and relaxation to enjoy the bridal act to the maximum.  

True antique objects are used as part of the decoration in a vintage wedding  because if you use non-original elements, you would be celebrating another type of wedding very similar and often confused a bit, we refer to retro weddings.

If you still do not know what decorative elements to use at your wedding, relax, read carefully and point out that Wedding Photographer New York, is here to guide you:

One of the essential elements that you should not miss in your celebration are the suitcases old, either from your parents, grandparents and if your great-grandparents are still preserved, preferably in light tones or pastels.

Tables and chairs Woodenwooden or portraits, with photographs of your ancestors are excellent options since wood largely symbolizes colonial times.

Something that will certainly impress the guests is the decoration of the banquet table, it must have elements such as glasses, jugs, dishes and old cutlery that you can buy from your family ancestors or in an antique house, placing a tablecloth that combines perfectly with the rest of the decoration to emulate a real old table.

Remember that the first communication that was established was through paper, which is why it is interesting as part of the decoration old books that represent real literary gems and that undoubtedly evoke past eras. 

Our creativity knows no limits that is why another idea would be to make a kind of photo shoot with captures that emulate old scenes in the best style of movies whose setting was of remote times either for invitations, or as a memory that immortalized the event, because At the end of the whole, photography is the one that will revive this important day.

With respect to music, we can suggest a live group that delights you with the best classics that became icons in the time that is being recreated.

We have excellent ideas because our creativity knows no limits, we are experts in photographs and videography of the best quality with a long experience in the branch to cover the different needs of the clients either for this type of celebration, without neglecting Baptisms, Anniversaries , Fifteen Years, Bachelor Parties and many more.

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