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Indian Wedding Photographer in New York

 Indian Wedding Photographer in New York
Indian Wedding Photographer in New York

There is a popular saying that says "Each head is a world" meaning that each person has their own thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and decision making although there is similarity with other people.

Based on the previous saying and taking it to cultures, customs and traditions we can say that it fits perfectly because although there are countries or continents with very similar customs, there is always something that will make a difference and that makes them unique in their style.

The majority of weddings celebrated in countries of America and Europe, are similar in questions of protocol and in general of the form in which they are carried out the same.

Now, if we move to South Asia, specifically to the Republic of India, we will notice that they have a different but very interesting way of celebrating the union in marriage between a man and a woman that basically is not just a union between them only, since it is the family of both that organizes such celebration generally after reaching an agreement.

There are many religions in India, but the most important is the Hindu because their historical places considered most sacred by them are in place. There may be some variety in the way of carrying out a Hindu wedding depending on the area or part of the country, but in the end they are practically the same.

It is a festivity full of traditions imposed for more than 40 centuries, where the main protagonist is not the couple but the family union, including dances, parades, gifts and accessories (jewelry, shoes, costumes) by the family of the boyfriend that the bride should wear on the day of the wedding among others.

A very curious fact is the date of the wedding, since once a commitment is established after the agreement between the families, the priest is approached who, based on the zodiacal signs and the position of the planets, will indicate which day will be the most appropriate and prosperous. for the event.

During the celebration that lasts between 3 and 5 days, depending on each case full of festivity, rituals of the religion, definitely a show full of music, dance, rituals, cuisine and much more than without doubt monopolizes the attention of the foreign guest to this type of cultures.

In New York, many weddings have been held under these types of cultures both among people with these roots, and those who simply want to make a kind of themed wedding under these traditions. 

For this there are specialists in the organization of events that work to the smallest detail so that the wedding is immortalized in the memory of the protagonists and the invited public.

Such is the case of Wedding Photographer New York, which in addition to being a photography and video company, will provide you with full support throughout the organization of the event, especially for those who do not know the Hindu culture. Our advisors will be a guide so that your wedding is unique and unrepeatable but memorable.

We have a team of certified professionals in photography and video that together with the most modern tools and the best techniques capture great moments lived that will remain in your memory forever.

Our services include: Fifteen Years, Baptisms, Anniversaries and much more. Contact us and receive the best quote.

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