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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Weddings are special moments in the history of a couple in love who previously lived moments of joys, sorrows, disagreements but at the end of the whole managed to overcome all those tests for which a relationship of love happens because the love they have was more strong and ultimately urged them to link their lives forever.

After the proposal of marriage in addition to the joy, nervousness, and anxiety for such longed for day, it begins the run and it runs as much of the protagonists of the history as of the relatives of the same ones, although by our experience we can affirm that one of the people more dedicated to ensure that everything goes well is the bride herself because by his nature as a woman is more concerned with the details.

Dresses, costumes, church and reception are the main tasks that are beginning to be managed as they are considered as priorities. We proceed with guest list, decoration, banquet, centerpieces, articles given as a souvenir of the day of the wedding as well as the protocol both in the ceremony and in the celebration.

Although special items are made that remember that special day, we can say that the best memory that will undoubtedly immortalize the event are the photographs that capture those magical moments that are generated in the event, such as the kiss of newlyweds, the launch of the bouquet , with the closest family and friends and any special moment.

But they must be images of quality that by just observing them emit all the emotions expressed at the moment of being captured with total naturalness without leaving aside the quality, delicacy and of course the art.

Therefore it is highly recommended to go to specialized people, who love their work and without being noticed can deliver beautiful memories that you can share with whomever you wish, crossing barriers of space, time and place.

That is why you have Wedding Photographer New York, a team of professionals in photography and video who with their long career immortalizing unrepeatable moments, apply the most appropriate techniques for their captures, which includes lighting and space and perfect times to deliver the best Wedding Photography.

We have photography sessions before the wedding as training of the central day in which more relaxed will have exciting moments captured by our lens. Also after the wedding we offer a formal outdoor session or wherever you want to seal with a flourish the event that will change your life forever.

Our services also include: Fifteen Years, Baptisms, Anniversaries, Baby Shower and many more that you will know browsing our website or contacting us through the different communication channels that we have available for our clients: social networks, telephone line, contact form and chat online for you to choose the most comfortable for you.

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