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Baby Shower

Baby Shower
Baby Shower

the 7th month of pregnancy, the belly is noticeably large, the sex of the baby is known and parents and close relatives are already anxious for the first or new member of the family to arrive as the case may be. Questions like who will it look like? What character will inherit?, are friendly disputes that are raised by parents.

Within the framework of the eve of the birth, in addition to the present uncertainty, a period of preparations for the arrival of the little person who will fill the home with joy very soon begins. 

All that joy is usually embodied in a small celebration organized by a close friend or relative to celebrate the birth of the new descendant of the family with what is known as Baby Shower. This celebration is original from the United States but over time it has spread through the different countries of the world with some variations and traditions according to their cultures.

Although in the United States it is an alternative to celebrate it after the birth of the baby for others it is a custom and it is the only celebration that takes place, not before birth, generally in Europe.

If we look at the word, although its origins are Anglo-Saxon, we can notice that it uses the word shower, which many have wondered what it has to do with the act. This word has many meanings, one of which is to present or bathe, which then we can interpret that the pregnant woman is presented or bathed in gifts.

Originally this celebration was practiced in family form only with women, with the firm intention that mothers present shared their experiences and knowledge about what it was like to be a mother. Later, with the passing of time, it was adopted a more commercial character where the celebration, the gifts and activities of a celebration influence.

This celebration takes place in the house of the future mother, or the future grandmother, or in other cases in a place set aside for that purpose where they can comfortably enjoy the guests that will not exceed the age of 20.
Visibly there will be a decoration related to themes children made with paper or cardboard and that undoubtedly brings a beautiful atmosphere. There the assistants will be able to taste of delicateses like cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sweet among others depending on the country or region since normally it is realized in hours of the afternoon although it is not something obligatory.

It is also custom, perform gymkhana and games where laughter and fun take over the moment between them we can recommend How much the baby measures; which consists of trying to guess the most accurate measurement of the belly with a tape that is provided to the participants, and they must cut to the size they think they measure, the one that most closely approximates the measure will be the winner.

Something important besides the cake, are some items distributed by the future mother or the organizers of the event as a reminder of that special day. Undoubtedly, it emphasizes the day in which beautiful and funny moments were lived.

However, the best memory that can be left in this and other celebrations are the photographs, because a good image with just looking at it expresses all the emotions and gestures expressed during the capture that will undoubtedly transport the viewer to those moments.

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