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It is a religious ceremony administered to the believers for the purification of sins, obtaining the salvation of the soul, the conversion to adoptive children of God and the integration of the person to the Christian world using water as the main element. In several Religions it is taken as a "Sacrament", among them the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican among others.

It is applied by a person called "Minister"  to children or adults, depending on the religion to which they belong because not all agree due to a reform proposed by Martin Luther towards the true way of living Christianity that for him at that time it was not happening within Catholicism.

Although this maintains the baptism of children, with the reform emerged a diversity of religions and theories that express that the original baptism should be administered only to adults because it is an act of faith and commitment and therefore a baby has no power to express them.

The fact is that it is administered to large and small people in order to obtain salvation. 


also depends on the type of religion to which it belongs for example Protestant churches practice the primitive form according to the bible in which a person is completely immersed in the water normally in rivers or in the sea, this is known as Baptism by Immersion.

One that is currently administered by both the Catholic Church and other churches, is where the baptized person applies water on his head without the need for complete immersion. This is known as Baptism by Ablution

Finally, it can be seen that when the baptized person applies small drops of water to his head, this case is given to people who, for various reasons, can not be baptized by ablution, so it is applied in this way, which is known as Baptism by Aspersion.

It is usually applied by Bishops, Priests, Ministers, Deacons, Pastors and according to special cases within Catholicism can be applied by any person following the fundamental and objective protocols for which it was instituted.

During the rite besides the water, the one who administers the baptism recites words invoking the Trinity or only the name of Jesus depending on the religion that is professed.

In general accounts baptism is an important act that welcomes to Christianity every person to whom it is administered, regardless of the religion that is professed. It is very rewarding for those who participate in the act because as we refer to texts back the person becomes a true Son of God and worthy to carry in memory for the rest of their lives.

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