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Curiosities about the garter belt of brides

Curiosities about the garter belt of brides
Curiosities about the garter belt of brides

The garter belt or the garter belt is a very traditional garment of the bride's lingerie that envelops some myths from fourteenth century France to the present.

There are traditions that are fulfilled at weddings and even though time passes they are still preserved, including what the bride must wear to guarantee good fortune during her marriage and this can last for a lifetime.

Among the rituals is that the bride must wear a garter belt that, apart from guaranteeing a fun moment in the party, symbolizes, among other things, the mystery and virginity, which are the qualities that a bride must have. It is usually white, the color of purity. Sometimes he wears a bow or blue ornament, the color that represents fidelity. In this way, the bride fulfills two traditions at once: put on the garter and wear something blue.

Beginning of a tradition

In France during the fourteenth century the bride had to wear a garter belt and run away during the entire party of the men who were responsible for taking it off, with time it was left aside because it was considered aggressive and vexatious for the bride. The bride began to take off the league and give it away on her own initiative. This custom has reached the present and, in some weddings, newlyweds vary the tradition, being the groom who takes it from the bride with her mouth.

Afterwards, the groom throws the league to the male guests. As with the tradition of bouquet delivery, the guest who manages to take the league to the flight will be the next to get married or, simply, will be the lucky one who will keep the bride's league. Another variant of this practice is to auction the league or cut it and sell it among the guests.

How? Your guests will form two groups, the men's and the women's. Both groups will bid for the league. If the women offer the highest amount, the bride will keep it on her leg, but if the men win, one of the guests will come forward, lift her dress and remove the garter. Besides being a very entertaining game, they can take advantage of the money they get to pay for their honeymoon or some utensil for the house. A new option is the miniligas: small leagues that you can distribute to your single guests to use on the wrist.

Where to put it: The league is worn on the right leg, according to tradition and at mid-leg, you should not raise it much. Another good option is to take two, so that one can keep it as a souvenir.

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Article created based on: Carina Angulo (2016), El liguero de la novia (n.d.).

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