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Marriage Anniversary

 Marriage Anniversary
Marriage Anniversary

A marriage anniversary is a date of great importance in the life of the couple because it is another year of married life in which little by little has crystallized the common life project that began since they decided to unite their Lives forever.

Each anniversary has a specific meaning established in ancient times where husbands used to give gifts made of different materials in a progressive way, from the most delicate to the most resistant, symbolizing the strength in the relationship.

Among them we can mention: 

# 1.Wooden Weddings, # 5.Wooden Weddings, # 10 Aluminum, # 15 Crystal, # 20 Porcelain, # 25 Silver, # 30 Pearl, # 35 Coral, # 40 Ruby, # 45 Sapphire, # 50 Gold, # 55 Esmeralda, # 60 Diamond, # 65 Platinum, # 70 Titanium, just to mention the most important ones.

As you can read each gift indicates a suggestion to the object that can be given for each anniversary that although previously varied in different countries already today has taken this tradition for them.

But exactly everything began in Medieval Germany, where the spouses were giving their women crowns of silver at the time when the couple celebrated 25 years of anniversary and a golden crown in the framework of the fiftieth anniversary. On those dates the wife was presented by her friends and neighbors in honor of the good fortune of having stayed so many years together.

It is usually customary to celebrate wedding anniversaries in private, with the exception of the 25 and 50 years where a holiday is celebrated by family members with guests either at home, at a restaurant or at a venue designated for events.

Whatever the anniversary that is commemorated sentimentally is something very big for the parties, remember each year that the day passes when they decided to give their lives to each other committed with love, loyalty, loyalty, company in health and in the illness for the rest of their lives.
For this reason in honor of those feelings that still remain, it is beautiful to record as a kind of album of life all that uninterrupted matrimonial career that they have built with so much sacrifice and care to be able to then present it to future generations of what the true love.

That is why Wedding Photographer New York, proposes you to build that life album through captivating photographs taken by our experts, who will be faithful witnesses of the great love that still remains in force.

We have great experience in the creation of great stories told by their protagonists that remain in memory forever. We can suggest a timeline that will summarize unique and definitive moments experienced by the couple to date and that undoubtedly will move the feelings of more than one. We also have expert cameramen to document beautiful moments that we experienced during the commemoration of such an important date.

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