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Photography: The toast of the couple in New York

Photography: The toast of the couple in New York
Photography: The toast of the couple in New York 

Every day it is less common to see the speeches during the toast at a wedding. However, even if they do not know, this is one of the most important moments of the day. And because?

One in two guests says it's the most memorable and exciting time of the day
One in two guests has heard such a bad speech that it has ruined the moment.
Nine out of ten guests affirm that the speech is the central theme to talk after the wedding.

Well, without a doubt, the toast is one of the most special, and unforgettable moments during a wedding. This is where parents, friends and people close to the newly married couple have to opportunity to express their affection, their good wishes and even some funny anecdote about the happy couple, either at some point in their relationship or even before they have met. So that the moment of the toast at your wedding is memmorable, you count on the Wedding Photographer NYC team, who will, capture that exciting and nostalgic moment with the best quality.

Moment of the toast

The most common is that the toast is made once the banquet is over, but before cutting the cake. It will be at that time when the groom, the parents of the couple, or a sponsor or close friend will take the floor and raise their glass to ask for the couple. Perfect moment for a great photograph or a filming of those moving words that will remain forever in the memory.

It is common that during the toast jokes or jokes are made about some anecdote of the couple, but care should be taken not to fall into the vulgar, as it may cause discomfort in the couple or in the guests and would be recorded in the filming that let's perform Avoid rudeness, mention previous relationships or misplaced comments and especially be past drinks at the time of saying the toast.

Toast for formal weddings

If your wedding will be formal, then you must respect certain protocols, and the speech is not exempt from them. So if you have a wedding with these characteristics, it is customary for the wedding sponsor to make a toast for the bride, the bridesmaid must make another toast for the groom, the father of the bride will provide for the couple and to end will be the boyfriends who will toast for their parents and for all their guests.

We are happy to cover a scene as moving and romantic as is the toast of the couple, so in addition to delivering the most special and unique capture at that time with high quality images. We also give you advice to put together the best speech. We will give you tips so that you do not make any mistakes and everything goes perfect. Just contact us hire our services and you will be happy forever.

Article created based on: Azura Peña(2015), Mandi Corrales (2017).

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