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Wedding Engagement in New York

Wedding Engagement in New York
Wedding Engagement in New York

It is called in this way to the event that basically consists of the request that the bridegroom makes to the bride to be husbands. If she accepts, he will give her a ring that according to tradition should be made of a single stone, if possible a diamond.

They say that the engagement ring is the perfect symbol to express that two souls have decided to unite their lives driven by love.

To carry out the commitment, there are different modalities. Many times it is customary for the parents of the bride to provide a meal or dinner to receive the parents of the groom who will ask for the hand of their daughter. The parents of both talk; they agree on the celebration of the wedding and set the date for its completion.

Another version may be that in a totally romantic and intimate dinner the bridegroom asks the bride to be his wife, gives him the ring that symbolizes the commitment they acquire from that moment. The bride and groom agree to organize a later meeting with the families of both to extend the decision they have made.

In any of the ways you decide to formalize with your partner, Wedding Photographer NYC will support you with what we know how to do, capture through our lens the most special images so that you never forget that first step that will transform your life leading to the definitive yes at the altar

Here are some of our tips given when hiring our services:

Decoration of the exterior. We can make the most of Spring by decorating the space we have with different seasonal flowers. Create beautiful centers, strategically place rose petals or make presentations with dried flowers.

The lighting. This plays a double function, on the one hand, decorative and, on the other hand, to offer enough light to the outside once the Sun has set.

Decoration of the tables. One of the great advantages of the engagement parties is that not many guests attend as in a wedding, therefore, there are many less tables to decorate. place different photographs of the couple on each table and a letter written by the couple thanking the guests for their assistance simply an extraordinary idea that we assure you will impress. Giving a decorative touch we can place centerpieces made with candles and flowers.

Many more ideas we have for you since our imagination has no limits, you just have to contact us and you will know more about our work.

Article created based on: Plan de Bodas El compromiso, la “pedida de mano” y el matrimonio civil (2007), Natalia (2014).

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